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Conquer Your Mind. Conquer The World.

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 Conquer Your Mind
When your mind’s desires control you, they victimise you. You suffer agitation and sorrow. Understand the role of your intellect. Use it to draw out your true potential. Achieve success, peace and harmony with the world.

 What Is Being Spiritual?
The concept of prayer today is grossly misunderstood. People throughout the world pray only to ask God for favours. This chapter brilliantly explains the four types of worshippers in the world and what constitutes real prayer.

 What Do You Seek?
Your entire life is spent seeking happiness. People do it through wealth, love or learning. Yet all these joys are temporary. None has found lasting joy. Learn to delve deep within your personality and discover the source of unlimited bliss.

 Develop Wisdom
Knowledge is gained from external sources. Wisdom is developed internally by yourself. With knowledge you can talk. But when you have wisdom you act. Learn how to transform knowledge into wisdom and live a perfect life.